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1987 Marshall 2553 Silver Jubilee – Full Stack


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Rare. Yes, we hear that all the time, but this is a rare package. Rare as try and find another, rare as in a stack you can use without the rest of the band hating you and the soundguy wanting to kill you.

Starting from the top down - the Marshall 2553 Head. It's 25/50w switchable. It's in silver tolex, it's just had a full service and it's cool. It's also NOT for sale separately, so you don't need to ask!

Moving down a level, we come to the 2556A. An angled offset vertical 2x12 with the original Marshall G12T-75 speakers. Now before you get all out of shape about not having Vintage 30's hold up, as we'll move down another level.

At the bottom, we have a straight 2556BV, and the V stands for ... you got it, Vintage 30's. So in fact, we end up with a really well matched pair of 2x12's - mixing the V30's with G12T-75's. It's a good mix - they work well together, with clarity from the G12T-75 and the midrange from the V30's. It's been done before and it works here again.

Condition - overall is good. The bits that make the noise are excellent (which is what matters. Cosmetically, the Head is 7/10, the 2556A (middle cab) 5.5/10, and the 2556BV is 6/10.

And because I know you'll ask, cab dimension is 60cm x 60cm, and the overall stack is a cute 148cm x 60cm.