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2000’s Vox AC50 Custom Plus


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This Vox AC50CP2 is in great condition, and a very interesting amplifier that is quite often mis-undertstood.

The 2 channels offer basically 2 amplifiers in one! A 2 x 12" combo with 2 12" Wharfedale GSH12-30 speakers. This is a LOUD amplifier, that takes pedals really nicely. 

Channel 1 is everything you would expect from a classic AC-30 Top Boost amp can be found in this channel from sparkling clean to raunchy overdrive. The EQ on this channel is of the interactive passive format that is historically correct to the AC-30 Top Boost amplifier. It also includes the "Tone Cut" control found on AC-30 amplifiers. This control musically rolls off the high end of the amp as it is turned up. A Gain Control, Middle Control, and Reverb complete the channel, offering even more tonal possibilities.

Channel Two picks up where Channel One leaves off, delivering the tones made popular by the towering later 60s British stack amplifers. Here you will find everything from modern blues and classic rock tones all the way to high gain classic metal sounds and fluid lead tones. While the tone controls in Channel Two are also the interactive passive format as Channel One, they are centered on different frequencies to create a larger tonal pallete for the amp. A Bright Switch boosts the mid to high frequencies and is great for giving extra bite to muddy sounding humbucking pickups. A Fat Switch adds extra gain and helps to produce a "singing" tone to your guitar when playing leads. The Presence Control not only produces a presence boost when engaged, it also introduces a high frequency cut filter if turned down. This can be used to "defuzz" the preamp section, making it less aggressive and sweeter.