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Boney Toes Stompboxes – Black Adder


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We're proud to stock Boney Toes Stomboxes here at The Guitar Gallery.

Boney Toes Stompboxes are meticulously crafted by musicians for musicians. Each stomp box is made from recycled New Zealand native timbers. They each come with a unique story and identity. These instruments are designed to produce a deep bass pulse that will enhance the sound of your performance.

This limited run of 50 is called The Black Adder Series in recognition of Hector Black’s in Timaru. The wood was sourced from Tim Black, owner of the original Ballantynes Shop which was built in 1883. The Rimu and Jarrah bearers, that make up these bespoke stomp boxes, were sitting directly on the ground, holding up the floor, for 140 years - and were still 70% sound! The floor was nailed together with blacksmith forged square nails which were impossible to remove without breaking. The finest pieces of heart Rimu and Jarrah were used to construct these limited edition stompers.

Own a piece of musical art with this Limited Edition Stomp Box. Each one is meticulously crafted from rare and exotic recycled New Zealand native timbers, making it a collector's item. Experience the exceptional sound and aesthetics of this exclusive stomp box dedicated to Hector Black's in Timaru. Each one is individually named.