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Ekhō Matapō Fuzz – Maple


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Oversize, expensive to build, completely unnecessary. Just the way we like it.

The Matapō Fuzz is a vintage style fuzz, made locally in the Waikato by Ekhō, using gorgeous, Aotearoa-grown timbers.

Everyone loves old fuzz pedals; they're huge, look cool, and give you a big rush when you step on them. But often these old units are hard to dial in to get "that tone", so Ekhō has done the work for you and found the sweet spot in not just one, but two(!!!) circuits, and housed them together in one huge, cool looking enclosure, that gives you a big rush when you step on it. No knobs to worry about, just plug in and play - what more could you want?

The toggle switch gives access to the two different circuits, while an LED indicates which circuit is selected. Red is characterised by a smoother distortion, punchy midrange, and subtle but rich bass. Blue gets sillier, with more focus on the treble, delivering a wild, spitty, gated fuzz.

Best practice for the Matapō Fuzz is to put it first in your chain, even before your tuner. These are impedence sensitive devices, they do not appreciate their line of sight to your guitar being obstructed. 

Matapō translates to "blind person", giving nod to the anthropomorphism of the legendary Fuzz Face, and acknowledging the lack of "eyes" on the unit.