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Matamp 4×12 Blue – Custom Shop


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In good condition, this is another rare and interesting item!

All the way from 'olmfirth, this is a lovely 4x12 from the masters at Matamp. Loaded with 2x G12H and 2x Vintage 30's, this it's an interesting and great sounding cabinet.

It seems to be around 2004 build, and would have been a custom shop build with the colour and speaker combination. Around £1,500 new, plus good luck getting it shipped to NZ anytime soon...

A couple of little tears in the finish, a bigger one on the underside (approx 3 inches), but very presentable and will last as this cabinet was built properly.

Supplied with a canvas cover. As yes, we can ship to the South Island as that's where all the big things seem to go....