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Mr Glyn’s Pickups – ‘Attitude 7’ 7 String Humbucker Single


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We're proud to be offering Glyn Evans new line of handmade pickups - Mr Glyn's Pickups made in West Auckland. We've tried the series and can highly recommend them to any player. 

From the man himself:

The Attitude is a powerful, well balanced pickup set designed for modern metal or fusion players. Sensitive enough to ‘hear’ the detail in your legato, a smooth present mid range to push you forward in the mix but with a bass that stays tight whatever you throw at it. The Attitude makes a great 6 or 7 string pickup.

For a while I’ve been working on extending my range of humbucking pickups for rock players. The Cloud Nine will do just about anything but I wanted to offer a more specific pickup for modern rock/metal.

I decided to start with a 7 string which is a slightly unorthodox way of going about it but I was concerned with getting the bottom end right. If there was any sogginess in the bottom end a 7 string would show it up more than a 6 string.

7 string pickups are not like others. The low bass string reacts so differently, there’s a lot of string deflection and low harmonics. My mission was to tame this bass and keep it tight but not to sacrifice the sound quality of the treble strings. The treble still needed to be sweet and singing. The mids needed to be balanced and noticeable. I didn’t want this pickup scooped; the mids had to stand out from the mix when needed to.

Alnico V - Neck 14.5 KOhms / Bridge 21.8 KOhms

- Please specify in your order what position you require.

The 7 string bridge pickup comes in one size - 61.2mm

Pickups are supplied without covers. Available either in open Black or with a nickel cover for $20 each.