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Mr Glyn’s Pickups – ‘Cruel Mistress’ Hot Telecaster Pickup Single


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We're proud to be offering Glyn Evans new line of handmade pickups - Mr Glyn's Pickups made in West Auckland. We've tried the series and can highly recommend them to any player. 

From the man himself:

I wanted to make a pickup with a bit more power to drive an amp harder while keeping the Telecaster character. My biggest concern was not losing what a Tele is all about. In my repair work I come across quite a few replacement Tele pickups that just don’t sound like Teles. The bridge needs grit and the neck a chimey clarity; together they should be full and open and matched well enough to create almost a reverb sound with the switch in the middle position.

This pickup uses Alnico V magnets to help with the attack and AWG43 wire to help with the snarl.

The neck pickup on a Telecaster needs to be smooth and warm and have a great balance with the bridge pickup to ensure that middle position rings with an almost reverb-like tone. The difficulty with Telecaster neck pickups is there just isn’t much space under that cover. I’ve wound this one to just enough bottom end to avoid boominess but still match the bridge.

Neck 7.25 kΩ,

Alnico V Bridge 10.05 kΩ

- Please specify in your order what position you require.

The neck pickup cover is available in chrome or gold so please let us know what you’d like when you order.