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Mr Glyn’s Pickups – ‘Kōkako’ Vintage Strat Pickup Middle White


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We're proud to be offering Glyn Evans new line of handmade pickups - Mr Glyn's Pickups made in West Auckland. We've tried the series and can highly recommend them to any player. 

From the man himself:

The Kōkako Strat Pickup is is strongly influenced by the Fender Stratocaster pickups of the 60’s but with a little more. It has a full yet clear bottom end , smooth highs and clear mids. It’s aimed at players who love the sounds of Frusciante and Hendrix.

If you take an early 60’s Fender Strat pickup, add a little bottom end, take a wee bit of treble off the top and add a touch more power then you’ve got the Kokako.

The magnets are specially made alnico 5’s with my own stagger to suit modern string gauges and fretboad radiuses.

AlnicoV – Middle 6.15 KOhms, 2.79H