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Nordstrand – NJ4SE Hum-Canceling Jazz Bass Set


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Jazz basses are great. You know what not is great? That god-awful single coil hum typical Jazz Bass Pickups produce. Well you won't have that problem with these pickups as each one has a split-coil to eliminate that issue. Solo that bridge pickup and hear nothing but that mid-range jazzy goodness.

Rude, rough, and radical, this aggressive split coil design will chomp its way through any live or recorded mix. The NJ4SE uses the same hand wound pattern as our other NJs, but is given its midrange heft through the use of a finer enamel wire. The character of this pickup comes down to a pronounced lower midrange and slightly muted high end, which makes it exceptionally suited for finger style players who might want a solo bridge pickup that has a bark that bites. The NJ4SE is bred for the stage, where its hum-canceling clarity and boisterous presence will slaughter any noise that dare desecrate the circumference of its sonic facility.

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