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Pedal Pawn – Octone ™ Octave Fuzz


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Handmade in the UK, Pedal Pawn pedals have become modern classics. We’re really happy to be the exclusive stockist in NZ for this acclaimed boutique builder

Deemed a very rare vintage 1970’s Octavia to be the gold standard for its SPOOKY magic, the crew at Pedal Pawn went about faithfully recreating the voodoo of that FAT circuit. They also souped up the parameters to fulfill the ULTRA clean octave settings that are desired by so many. The end result: The highly requested - Pedal Pawn ® Octone ™


  • Tuned for pure VINTAGE octave fuzziness
  • Immensely CLEAN & CLEAR octave
  • Retains HIGH octave with the boost cranked!
  • Maintains PRONOUNCED octave below 12th fret
  • Hand-selected components including NOS Germanium Diodes w/ transformer
  • Handcrafted in the UK
  • Loud output levels to cut through the mix
  • Standard 9v power input 
  • True bypass switching