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Pigtronix Universal Remote Switch


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The Universal Remote is a passive controller with three momentary footswitches that is compatible with a wide range of digital effects pedals from Pigtronix as well as other top manufacturers, allowing you to explore the full extent of your most robust effects. When connected to an effects pedal using a standard TRS ¼” cable, Universal Remote can perform three independent functions: Left footswitch shorts the Tip to Sleeve, the Right footswitch shorts the Ring to Sleeve and the Center footswitch shorts both Tip and Ring to Sleeve simultaneously. Housed in a sleek and durable brushed aluminum chassis with laser-etched graphics.

Left footswitch (1): Shorts the Tip to Sleeve
Center footswitch (2): Shorts both Tip and Ring to Sleeve simultaneously
Right footswitch (3): Shorts the Ring to Sleeve

Compatible Pedals:

• Infinity 2
• Infinity 3
• Echolution 3

• Eventide H9
• Eventide Modfactor
• Eventide Nova Drive
• Eventide Nova System
• Eventide Pitchfactor
• Eventide Space
• Eventide Timefactor

(replaces MINI switch only, not MULTI switch)
• Strymon BigSky
• Strymon Mobius
• Strymon Timeline

• 720 Looper
• Grand Canyon Delay & Looper
• Mod Rex Polyrhythmic Modulator
• Superego+ Synth Engine
• Super Pulsar

• Brian May Red Special Pedal
• EX7 Expression Factory
• Jamman Solo Looper
• Jamman Stereo Looper
• Jimi Hendrix Experience Pedal
• Time Bender Digital Delay
• Trio+ Band Creator & Looper
• Whammy DT

• Rubberneck

TC Electronic
• BG250 Bass Combo
• BH250 Bass Micro Head
• BH550 Bass amp
• BH800 Bass amp