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Stringjoy Naturals – Baritone Light (15-70) Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings


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We are proud to be NZ stockists of Stringjoy! These exceptional quality strings are designed and manufactured in Nashville, Tennessee by players, for players. Their custom gauge sets offer better tension balance as well as great tuning stability and tone!

With their full, rich, bellowing tone, baritone acoustic guitars are one of the most underrated instruments out there. They have it all. Well, almost. See for decades no one made a baritone acoustic guitar string set that was well-balanced both from a tonal and a tension perspective. Well, nice fellows that we are, we thought it was about time we changed that…

Enter our Baritone Light Naturals—a meticulously constructed and perfectly balanced string set that brings out the best in any baritone acoustic guitar.

Gauges: 15 - 20p - 30w - 42 - 56 - 70