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Used – Sinvertek No.5 Distortion Pedal


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NO.5 distortion pedal is a real tube amp tone pedal based on the operating principle of the Hi-Gain tube amp circuit. NO.5 could achieve the extremely similar Hi-Gain tube amp tone, it’s never happened before.NO.5 has the frequency response curves perfectly accordant with the tube amp. It also provides the very same touch sensitivity, picking attack and perfect dynamic response.

The core of NO.5 is made up of discrete components circuit, complex frequency response network and EQ section, all of these are the foundation of the NO.5’s excellent tone. NO.5 provides two distortion levels, Hi-Gain and Ultra-Gain, its huge range of distortion basically covering all styles of music. The EQ includes Treble, Bass, Mid and Present, you could get any tone you like by adjusting them. In addition,

NO.5 also has the boost function, you could separately boost Gain and Volume, or boost together, this is the feature that the traditional single-footswitch distortion pedals don’t have.