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ZOOM G2 Four


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Another impressive unit from zoom. A great jumping off point for players wanting to get into the digital realm of Guitar tones. The presets are a lot of fun as they are based on popular guitar tones over the decades, with 50 more slots for you to create your own! It also makes a great practice unit as its small to enough to fit in a gig-bag and had a headphone out for practicing quietly.

Perfect for any skill level!

Using all-new amp modelling and innovative IR technologies, the Zoom G2 Four give guitarists more sound variations to choose from than ever before. They can use it to create fascinating sounds - straight out of the box. In the G2 Four amp modelling reaches the next level of quality. Here, carefully recreated emulations of classic amps are combined with speaker simulations using our new multi-layer IR technology. As a result, guitarists benefit from great sounds and always have the feeling of being on the "big stage", regardless of the environment.



  • 22 Amp/Cabinet models developed by Multi-Layer IR technology for greater realism
  • 79 Effects including modelling of renowned boutique pedals
  • Up to 6 effects + 1 pedal effect can be used simultaneously
  • Output EQ (Lo-Mid-Hi-Vol) for instant adjustment of overall sound quality
  • 300 memory patches (250 factory presets + 50 users)
  • Handy Guitar Lab app (iOS/Android) for editing on smartphones and access to new effects (requires connection via USB-C port)
  • Looper function for recording phrases of up to 80 seconds
  • 68 rhythm patterns that can be played back in sync with the looper
  • AUX IN jack for connecting music players and other audio devices
  • Auto-save and Revert functions for maximum flexibility when editing patches
  • Tuner function that supports open and drop tuning
  • 2-IN / 2-OUT Audio Interface function (via built-in USB-C port