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Supro ’64 Reverb – 5w 1×8″ Guitar Amp


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Supro '64 Reverb

The Supro '64 Reverb is one of those guitar amplifiers that every guitarist and studio owner should have on hand. For starters, this 5-watt, 1 x 8" tube combo sounds excellent. Independent Gain and Master Volume controls enable variable levels of dirt at any level, while a 2-band EQ supplies ample sound shaping. Three versatile line-output jacks make the '64 Reverb useful in a myriad of applications. And its sweet-sounding tube-driven spring reverb alone is worth the price of admission. Complete with a top-notch Jensen C8R speaker, the Supro '64 Reverb packs a lot of tube-infused goodness into a compact guitar combo amplifier.

5 watts of glorious tube tone at any volume

You can coax a myriad of cool tones out of the '64 Reverb, both clean and dirty. This ultra-compact tube combo amplifier includes independent Gain and Master Volume controls, so you can dial in your preferred level of grit at any level. And once you get your gain-staging situated, you can tweak your tone to perfection with a musical-sounding 2-band EQ. Finally, a sweet tube-driven spring reverb adds the perfect finishing touch.

Three versatile line outputs

The '64 Reverb is a versatile 5 watter. It boasts three line-output jacks, which are driven by the amp's preamp tubes. Whether you feed it to another guitar amplifier, a console, or an audio interface, the '64 Reverb works like a champ onstage, in the studio, and in your practice room. 


  • 5W, 1 x 8" tube combo amplifier
  • Independent Gain and Master Volume Controls enable variable levels of dirt at any level
  • 2-band EQ supplies ample sound shaping
  • 3 preamp tube-driven line-output jacks are useful in stage, studio, and practice applications
  • Sweet-sounding tube-driven spring reverb
  • Top-notch Jensen C8R speaker